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Num Noms Roleplay

It's time for a Num Noms Roleplay! Pick up the 4 Num Noms pre player and let's get started!

I'm gonna choose C.C. Treat, Nilla Dough, Princess C.C. Jelly Roll and Tropical Sweetie.
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How Does Each Num Noms Get Ready for Bed?

Inspired by "Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?" and "How Does Each Cutie Car Get Ready for Bed?" its things-that-go bedtime ritual sequels, this game is all about bedtime for the Num Noms. Let's get to know how each one gets ready for bed. Note that they don't brush teeth, despite having them, but they can eat. But the bedtime ritual doesn't have to involve eating something.

Let's start. How does Nilla Cream get ready for bed?
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I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
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When did Num Noms begin?

Hi! I’m currently preparing a video for my YouTube channel about Num Noms, and I need to know when they first released. Was it in early 2016, I think it was but I’m not sure? I don’t need to know exactly when, just the year and early, mid or late. Ty!
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Have fun!
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The song lyrics story!

Welcome to the song lyrics story game! Type any line of the lyrics to a song. Users can collaborate with their lines to create a story.
I'll go first:
A white feather floated down into this world
(from the translated lyrics of DoLL by Terra)
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Babysitting Pip, Pup, and Pop Corn

Hi everyone! I'm visiting the Popcorn Num Nom Family, but Papa Corn and Momma Corn are going away long enough for us to babysit their triplets, Pip, Pup, and Pop Corn.
Pip, Pup, and Pop are cute, yet quite mischievous sometimes. Their usual daily routine consists of waking up and eating breakfast at 8:00 am, playtime after breakfast until 12:00 pm, lunchtime at 12:00 pm, more playtime after lunch, naptime from 2:00-2:45 pm, more playtime after that until dinnertime at 6 pm, a quieter playtime after dinner until 7:45 pm, then bathtime in a butter-seasoning for 15 minutes, then bedtime at 8:00 pm.
During bedtime, they must sleep through the night, but sometimes they may wake up in the middle of the night, so you have to keep them in bed, as well as being very quiet so you don't wake them. They sometimes may not fall asleep right after being tucked in and want a lullaby, soft sleepy music, or story, so if they do, then fulfill that.
Before we get started, we must choose a Num (other than Papa Corn or Momma Corn) to help take care of these little tots. I'm going to choose Willow Wafer.
And one more thing. I almost forgot to tell you the golden rule: ALL Num Noms should speak their own language, not our language.
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I'm new

Hi! I'm new to the Wiki. I was actually GE from the GES Wiki. I can edit with good words and many other stuff FANDOM likes. I am a very kind girl that could ask people nice stuff. I'm on the lookout for spammers. swearing users, vandilisers, and other rude people. I can catch them if I see one. I will be very kind to this community. I'm not only a fan of Num Noms, I am also a fan of Zelves, Shopkins, My Little Pony, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, etc. I am very welcomed here as you kind users talk to me properly.
Do this to me:
Speak nice talk to me
Ask something if you need help
Give out a bad user's username and report it to me and I will report it to Chris
Don't do this to me:
Spam or swear on my profile
Cyberbully me or send me mean texts
Calling me bad names
Everyone got it?
If you got it, you are kind to me.
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Num Noms Virtual Pet Simulator (Roleplay)

Pick a favorite Num or Nom you want to care for (feed, caress, play with, put to sleep, etc.) and let's get started! Remember, Num Noms never die or run away, but they become very sad and cry if neglected for too long. You can also care for multiple Num Noms at a time!
I'm going with Frenchie Fries and Willy Waffles!
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Num Noms Series 4?

Now that series 3 is already out around Christmastime in 2016, we're still looking forward to a fourth series. Any ideas on sections, like series 3 has the "marshmallow" and "fruit and veg" sections?
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Num Noms BFFs?

I was browsing this Num Noms fansite and noticed that all of the Num Noms' BFFs are with each other. Does anyone know if there are any Num Noms who are not best friends with each other!
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Hi I'm New!

Just to get it started, the wiki should have a newbie hello page. I'm going to be the first person to jump in and say 'Hi' I just started collecting Num Noms and I'm very happy to be here! I bought a Special Edition starter pack and I can't wait until I can get some more packs. I'm loving these fun cute and tasty little characters so much! I may sell off all my shopkins just to get more, thats how much I love them!
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