Berry Froyo
Berry froyo
Scent Blueberry
Character # 2-009
Series 2
BFF Berrylicious Gloss-Up
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Frozen Yogurt
Variety Brunch

Berry Froyo is a Num from Series 2. She is found in Mystery Packs.


She's known to go wild and swirl and swirl and swirl.


A pink bear shaped like a cup or bowl with a winking face and her tongue sticking out. She has light purple frozen yogurt on top of her head with a small amount curling out to resemble a single bang or forelock, adorned with two mint leaf.


  • She was originally, yet mistakenly called "Wild Berry Froyo" in Berrylicious Gloss-Up's page, but they corrected it in 2017.