Berry Gloss-Up
Lipgloss Nom Berry Gloss-Up 163
Scent Strawberry
Character # 163

S2: 114

Series 1
BFF Choco Berry
Physical and Vital Information
Species Nom
Gender Female
Food Strawberry Soft-Serve Ice Cream
Variety Lip Gloss Nom

Berry Gloss-Up is a Nom from Series 1. She is found only in mystery packs.

In Series 2, she is an exclusive Nom found in the Lipgloss Truck Playset.


She always keeps her cool when she gets in a jam.

S2: She's super shy - she turns bright red when she gets embarrased.


A cotton-candy pink Cream-shaped Nom with large brown eyes and nose. She has a small bow at the center of her head.


  • Graphics Tee (Spoiled Cotton)
  • 2 Piece Pajamas (Yum)
  • Inner Wear (Girls' Briefs)
  • Free Sticker Sheet (Comes with Inner Wear)



Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 18.19.12
Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 18.19.16

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