Betsy Bubblegum
Cupcake Num Betsy Bubblegum 111
Scent Bubblegum
Character # 111
Series 1
BFF Mintee Gloss-Up
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Bubblegum Cupcake
Variety Cupcake

Betsy Bubblegum is a Num from Series 1. She is included in Mystery Packs and the Cupcake Party Deluxe Pack.


You'lll often find her stuck to her BFF.


A pink bear Num-Nom with brown eyes and nose. She sticks her tongue out. She has very pale pink-white cream on the top of her head.


  • She shares her name with two characters from the now-defunct Yummi-Land line also by MGA: the doll Betsy Bubblegum, and another doll, Carrie Cherry Créme's pet, Betsy Bubblegum Bunny.
  • Her toy form lacks her tongue.