• HayleyRose432

    The Num Noms: Snackable Series came in with another Collecting adventure featuring the new Melty Pops. As of now, there are 8 to collect!

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  • HayleyRose432

    There is this new mystery pack called the Mystery Make Up showcasing 8 new Noms and New Nums Figures. There are now 8 figures So far. See  CookieSwirl C to get a Sneak Peak

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  • NumNomsSurprise

    Trying to start Series 2 Dippers. For those that are wondering where i'll be getting the rarities there is a printable checklist on the website so I can get the rarities //^w^// hopefully saving everyone's time.

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  • NumNomsSurprise

    Hard work.

    October 25, 2018 by NumNomsSurprise

    Just done the first half of Snackables Dippers. Hoping to do the second half to save everyone more time. And good thing there is no bullies to harass me on my cropping skills 


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  • Chrismh

    I know you guys are most-likely aware of the recent vandals, jerks, and idiots who have been coming around to cause problems for the wikia and its members. I'm making this post because I wanted to let you guys know that because of this recent issue- you should PROTECT your user pages!

    Not only will it save me some time, but it'll also make sure your page isn't ruined and the residue from a recent idiot attack won't have gotten anywhere on it.

    Now, I'm not sure if normal users can protect their pages. So if you're unable to (you click that drop down/down arrow button next to edit page), then leave a message here and I'll do it for you. I have that ability, but I'd hate to waste time doing it for people who might not actually care XD

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  • NumNomsSurprise


    September 28, 2018 by NumNomsSurprise
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  • HayleyRose432

    Guys I'm so excited on the num noms website is my proof if you go there and see the checklist there are now new series 6 on the page I don't know when we can get them but this is a good chance to put infomation of the new series 6 in our wikia!!!!!!!

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    Do you like drawing Num Noms like me? You might draw his/her body, face and accessories only, but I don't think that's a proper way of drawing a Num/Nom, when it comes to drawing one, I memorize the shape and sketch it, then I rub it out on the way. 

    Here's the proper way of drawing a Num/Nom. I'm going to draw Hannah Flana for this tutorial.

    Get a pencil, eraser, ruler, colouring pens/pencils (based on the colours of the Num/Nom), a picture and a blank sheet of paper.

    Sketch first, I normally draw a large square, small retangles (one facing North-West, the other one North-East) and a retangle for a bow. Use a ruler for neat lines.

    Draw his/her eyes - draw 2 small circles (one left, one right) and add 2 small, straight lines as eyebrows, and 2…

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  • Hans Accordion few dont have some Hot Choc

    I'm sorry can i get into this pic sry.

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  • Hans Accordion few dont have some Hot Choc

    One summer evening, Van Minty and Orange Swirl are talking about their summer plans and their summer bucket list. They talked about going to a scoop-in movie theater, going on road trips, going out for ice cream, and tons of other fun stuff. Van Minty said, "I've been wanting to go on a road trip this whole time! We should do it now!" Orange Swirl says, "Great idea! Let's go to Florida!" "When shall we go?"  Van Minty asked. "We're leaving tomorrow," Orange Swirl replied, "But first, we have to get our potion and our drinked potion."

    The next day, the two Num Noms invited 14 others (Connie Confetti, Blueberry Waffle, Betsy Bubblegum, Simone Seeds, Tyler Tomato, Candie Puffs, Papa Corn, Becky Banana, Ava Apple, Fioana Frenchy, Trio Scoop, Ma…

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  • Sooperdavid

    Today I got a Num Noms Series 5 C.C Treat and Vanila Polish-It and she's sooo cute omg! I especially love her articulated elbows--I love that they finally added that feature! The Series 5 Num Noms she comes with is cute, too, I like the details in it.

    Unrelated but I also picked up a Num Noms squishy and I looove it--anyone else have interest in them?

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  • Bunnycookies

    Okay, so the "Collect" module on the official website is finally up and running again! Unfortunately, it looks like they've made a few changes so that it's harder to save pictures. I know a trick or two about pinching image files, so I've decided to make this nifty tutorial to show you how to nab the pictures for yourselves. 

    This tutorial is designed for the desktop version Google Chrome, but if you use another web browser like Firefox, etc., you should be able to do something similar. I don't think it will work on mobile devices, but feel free to give it a go.

    Open the profile of the character whose picture you'd like to save. Use your mouse to right-click on the image. This little menu should pop up! Scroll down the list until you see the …

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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    Helloooo! If you have been online yesterday or today, you would have noticed I’m back on the Wiki! Still haven’t arrived to Shopkins Wiki again, but for some strange reason this is probably because it is busier and I like the quick check once a day feel, you know? Just reply to a few posts, edit a bit, and you’re done! So yeah... I’m here again... we’re all inactive again... but I think we’re all starting to become more active.

    Crazyeyesinlove is apparently not allowed to be on FANDOM anymore, so I don’t know when she’ll be coming back. She said on SPK Wiki that she’d be leaving. I’ve already got over 70 emails in my inbox that I don’t want to read, you know all that. I’ll probably leave Stupidity Wiki and only stay on Shopkins, Num Noms, T…

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    I'm back on this wiki, and found out that everyone - except the founder - hasn't been active for a while, I wonder, what is going on with them? And why are they inactive since I returned? I posted this on my birthday and hope this wiki is active soon!

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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    You know that ‘Shimmer Series’ thing going around? Well, today I was on the official site and found some new information! The new list is now official, and there is not only a mini Shimmer Series but a SUPER MINI LIGHTS SERIES (which looks like it has a pastel theme)!!!

    And more good news, there is a new one with my nameeeeee!!!! Sandra Squiggles, which Sandra is short for Cassandra, just like Cassie is! *cricket noises*

    Okay okay here is the list! Probably my new favourite series, what are your thoughts? =D

    My photo won’t upload so I’ll put it in the comments instead 😭😭😭😭

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  • Crazyeyesinlove

    I have just watched the latest webisode of Num Noms Snackables yesterday. It focused on the Dippers and Cereal, and most of them talk?!? That's the most shocking news I have ever found about.

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  • FluffyBears


    June 8, 2018 by FluffyBears

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  • IndigoAtHeart
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  • IndigoAtHeart

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  • IndigoAtHeart

    About Me

    June 3, 2018 by IndigoAtHeart
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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    A few months ago, my only nail polish Nom, Peach Polish-It, broke. I was just twisting the cap off to smell the delicious peach smell, when the lid crumbled in my hands. I was so sad! Today my mum is fixing it with super glue, she is finding it really hard, but we are getting there. I hope she is fixed soon, apparently I won’t be able to use the nail polish after my mum fixes it but that is okay!

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  • Bunnycookies

    Hey guys!

    I've been playing the Num Noms app game a fair bit, you know the one where you have to match the characters to add them to your collection? Anyway I've nearly completed it and I was thinking of writing up a guide on what levels you can find characters on, to help people finish off the game.

    Is this something anybody would actually be interested in having as a resource? It might take a bit of time so I only want to do it if it will actually be useful!

    Please let me know :3


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  • RubieGem


    May 19, 2018 by RubieGem

    Hello! My name is Rubie and  I just joined! Bye!

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  • ShopkinsAdorable

    My theme

    May 6, 2018 by ShopkinsAdorable

    I already gave it to RubieGem. I told her if anybody misbehaves, I will play the theme to rupture somebody's ears.

    Theme: iNSaNiTY miki and kaito VOCALOID

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  • Bribery

    Science Fair

    April 26, 2018 by Bribery

    I am having a science fair

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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    Hi! A while ago, I came up with a sad Num Noms theory, that I wanted to share. Whenever I go toy hunting or just looking around at shops, I see less, and less Num Noms. Some shops even have none. I have NEVER seen any Series 5 in a store except for the blind packs, which aren’t that easy to come across. Last weekend, I went to Big W, because they seem to get the new Num Noms quicker than other places. And they were almost out of Num Noms! Only a few Series 3 packs and blind packs. This has lead me to my theory — Series 5 is the last Series of Num Noms. Every toy needs to end at some point, and I think it is closer than we think for Num Noms. I used to collect Filly Princess, these miniature toy horses with golden crowns, but then the line …

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    Ok guys, I'm going to give you a game that will get you creative. This game is about randomizing and drawing.

    You are going to click on the "Random Page" button and see which Num/Nom you get, if you get a different page that is not based on a Num/Nom, click the button again.

    Once you get a Num/Nom, get a piece of paper, a pencil, and some colouring pencils/pens. Then draw the Num/Nom and colour him/her in.

    Don't worry if your Randomized Num is from the Snackables Series! Remember, you can draw it!

    Once you draw your Num/Nom, take a photo of it and describe how you draw it, you can upload the photo onto your comment if you want.

    Remember, your comment must have:

    • Which Num/Nom you randomized
    • Description on how you drew your Num/Nom
    • A photo of your d…

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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    Hello! Today my cousins went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show (I hope I got the name right 😂😂) and they brought back a showbag for me! Of course, it was a Num Noms showbag and it had lots of neat stuff in it!! There was lots of new merchandise, my favourite was this lock up container that looked like the ice cream truck! I will probably start adding information about the new stuff on pages that match that Num Nom, I just wanted to announce the new merchandise! Byeeeee! =DDD

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  • Bunnycookies

    Currently in the main Nums Noms series (not including Snackables or Dippers) we have the following species:

    • Bear
    • Bunny
    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Monkey
    • Panda

    Here are some new species I would love to see appear in Series 6! I think these could be very cute and it would be nice to have some more variation, perhaps moving away from bear dominated designs.

    These are already available in some of the side series, so I'm predicting we'll see them as full-sized Nums soon. I think they'd be great as cakes or cupcakes so that they can be very colourful.

    Cute, tiny mice! These could work as either Nums or Noms. They'd have smaller ears than bears, and maybe more visible teeth. (I'm thinking similar to Bunny Carrot here.)

    Little beaks and fluffy wings! Bird Nums could be very cut…

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    I'm not trying to copy Crazy, but this is my own Series 6/Series 4 Lights Ideas.

    • Series 6 - Fuchsia
    • Series 4 Lights - Orange

    • Royal Cakes: Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes
    • Waffles (Just like #BrunchBunch)
    • Sundaes (Banana Split, Neapolitan, etc)
    • Cute Cake Nums: Ice Cream Cakes and Cheesecakes
    • Jam Sandwiches
    • A FEW MORE Donut Nums (not too much, Cassandra doesn't like them very much)
    • Topping it off with Fried Rice Nums

    • Lip Gloss (Lollipops)
    • Nail Polish (Use festive flavours like strawberry)
    • Go-Gos (returning)

    • Creams (Huge pile of Cream with any species plus sprinkles)
    • Licorice
    • Gummy Squares
    • Chocolates
    • Gummy Snakes (Not as long as the real ones!)
    • Fizzy Drinks (Cola, Lemon Soda, etc)

    • Snow Cones
    • Gummy Bears

    Any suggestions? Let me know!

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    Hey everyone! I noticed that Chris, the admin of this wikia, is not very active. So I'm in charge of staff until he is back. I will be...

    • Going to a random page and put featured Num/Nom of the week up on the board.
    • Patrolling through edits to see if they look good.
    • Fixing mistakes.
    • Protecting pages from vandals.

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    Yummies Ideas?

    February 19, 2018 by SophieTheSapphire1

    So, Crazyeyesinlove made up the Yummies, the human friends for the Num Noms, so I will plan up the idea. If you have any fanmade Yummies let me know!

    Each pack is an mega pack with a Yummie that looks as though it is in real life, it comes with 1 Num and 1 Nom based on the Yummies' chosen scent. It also comes with a scented spray and a brush to clean your Yummies' hair. As for the Lights Yummies, there is a lantern that lights up along with the normal scented spray and brush!

    Comes with Lip Gloss Noms!

    • Nilla Sweets (Comes with Nilla Gloss-Up and Nilla Swirl)
    • Nana Treat (Comes with Nana Gloss-Up and Nana Cream)
    • Pina Chip (Comes with Pina Gloss-Up and Piney Apple)
    • Orange Delight (Comes with Orange Gloss-Up and Orange Sherbet)
    • Peachy Candy (Comes wi…

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  • Bunnycookies

    Maximising Links

    February 8, 2018 by Bunnycookies

    Hey everyone!

    You may be wondering why I'm putting links on every page my sticky little mitts grasp. Well, I think that the more interconnected the Wiki is, the more useful it is as a resource. The more pages connect to each other, the easier it will be to explore!

    Once all the new characters from 3 Lights & 5 have pages, I'm going to make Series summary pages like this one: Series 5. 

    Any help would be welcome! Please feel free to go back through the other characters and link them to this page, or even start compiling new pages for the other Series. Of course let's get pages for all the new Num Noms first!

    Have a splendid day~


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  • ZappyMicrowave13

    Hey! =D

    February 5, 2018 by ZappyMicrowave13

    Hi everybody! It’s me, CoolChocoCassandra, except it’s now ZappyMicrowave13! If you don’t know what I mean, read on. If you do, still read on! 😂

    I had to make a new account, was forced to give up mine. Well, not really. I woke up one morning, wanting to go on all my favourite Wikis! But my username and password were apparently incorrect, so I was a WC for a while, and then decided to make this new account! If you saw my user page, though, you probably already guessed! 😂😂🤣

    So, I hope you all accept me into the community again, and bye! 😄

    -ZappyMicrowave13, the new CoolChocoCassandra. 😊

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  • Bunnycookies

    Num Noms Moodboards

    January 28, 2018 by Bunnycookies

    Hi everyone! I'm borrowing STS1's idea of making a request thread, but I don't draw Num Noms: I make themed moodboards!

    I uploaded my most recent one here for you to have a look at. I've done a few so if you'd like to see what else I've made, they're all on my Num Noms blog .

    Please send me your favourite Num Noms and I'll create one for you too!

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    I'm good at drawing Num Noms even if I'm at school... I drew Num Noms with my BFFS since December 2017. Now I can draw Num Noms for you! Sorry if it's spam or too disturbing, I will try to be nice.

    All wikis need games to make them instresting!

    Time to get creative! Leave a comment below with a Num or Nom image. Remember, you don't have to reply it's name... I'm good at learning names of Num Noms. After you reply, I will draw it and take a photo!

    Tropi-Cali Pop: Can you draw Madelyn Mango, please?

    Me: OK! Here you go!

    (Drawing of Num Image pasted here)

    • Don't post spammy and unnessary posts onto this blog! Remember, we are requesting and drawing!
    • Don't complete someone's request - Only I can do it.
    • If you are not sure which Num or Nom to pick, look…

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  • Chrismh

    Num Nom Randomizer: Teams!

    January 13, 2018 by Chrismh

    Well I wanted to bring back my randomizer- but I wanted to do something fun with it. So I thought instead of just one, how about we do 5 of them at once!

    So basically how this works is, you will hit the random page button to see which 5 Num/Noms/Etc you get. The 5 it picks are your Num-Noms team members.

    Okay so... essentially I think I have a candy them :3 which is always good. I love candy, who doesn't?

    My last one kind of ruined it though. But I did get Cherry Tart, which makes me happy because it's one of my favorite light Nums.

    Alright so now it's your turn. Let's see if anyone else can get a themed team!

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  • Chrismh

    Update. . . .

    January 6, 2018 by Chrismh

    Just to let you guys know, I updated the navigation for the wiki. It's odd I thought I did this a long time ago...

    Also as it turns out, some of the descriptions of Num-Noms I haven't done could use a teensy bit of work so I'm happy there knowing I have a reason to return after all. If they're not up to this wikia's standards I have every right to modify it. Anyway my main reason for making this is because I wanted to let you guys know that I will be making the templates for Series 5 and the Dippers soon. I'd ask you to wait but apparently that's asking for too much and makes me a horrible person.

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  • Crazyeyesinlove

    Hello there! I'm going to be building a real DIY Num Noms Playhouse as soon I move into that house that I once lived in for about 5 years! No kidding! Anyway, I'm going to need help from ALL of you! Since the Num Noms Playhouse will be HUGE, we're going to need a lot of rooms and cool features to it! Could you please throw me some ideas on rooms and features, as well as send me blueprints to it?

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    Straw-Razz Gloss-Up is a Special Edition Nom from Series 3. She is found in Mystery Packs.

    She loves her lips, herself, and her BFF!

    A Bear Nom with a basic face. Her body is half red and half pink. She has a bow on her head that matches her body color.

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  • Crazyeyesinlove

    Series 6 Ideas?

    December 19, 2017 by Crazyeyesinlove

    Hi. Series 5 is already here, but I want to think about Series 6. The color coding will be either yellow and lime green or pink and bright yellow, I think. Here's what they might add in this series:


    International - French Bistro, Italian, and Asian Cuisine subcatergories

    Restaurant - Appetizer, Main Course, Seafood, Sandwich, and Drink subcategories

    Healthy Food - Fruit and Veggie subcatergories

    Sweets - Cupcake and Ice Cream returning as subcatergories as well as Candy subcatergory

    Countryside - Breakfast/Brunch, Meat, and Entree (like Dumplings) subcatergories

    Movie Theater Snacks

    Go-Go Noms (returning)

    Gloss-Up Noms (with regular, 2-flavored, and glitter subcatergories)

    Erase-It Noms (returning)

    Polish-It Noms

    Chatterz Noms (new to this…

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    My recipes

    December 10, 2017 by SophieTheSapphire1

    I love all of the Num Noms Recipes - I even have some fanmade. You know there are 5,000+ recipes to make. I have 2 recipes - Copied ones and Fan Ones.

    This blog is being updated with new recipes, so please look for a lookout!

    • Each Week, I will think up a #1 recipe from the Num Noms website and add it to the Weekly Recipe Board below.
    • If you have a recipe, write about it in the comments.
    • After the end of the week, The recipe will be replaced with the next one.

    Our weekly recipe is Choco Dipped Strawberry. On the website, you can make it with an Cupcake Tin, Choco Go-Go, Sweetie Strawberry, and Choco Cream.

    Here's a variety of Choco Dipped Strawberry Recipes:

    To make a Choco Dipped Strawberry Cupcake, bake a Chocolate Cupcake. Then, put Strawberry …

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  • Chrismh

    Snackables Template Made

    December 9, 2017 by Chrismh

    Well because of an overly-eager Member I kind of had to get this done now when I wanted to wait until this weekend when I had free time...

    Okay, so the Snackables template for the pages associated with this spin-off is SNABLCharacters. The pages this user made will need to be corrected, but I'm too angry to do it myself now.

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  • LuciditysHost

    New Snackables

    December 8, 2017 by LuciditysHost

    I'm curious to know how you guys feel about the new Snackables series that have come out.  Recently, two have been released!  

    1. Snackables Collectible Cereal (Bath Bomb type)

    2. Snackables Dippers (Color Changing type)

    Me, myself, I'm not sure how to feel.  Sure, they are super cute and sweet and fun.  At the same time, I hate when companies milk their products so much, that collectors have to spend loads to collect it all (one reason I dislike Shopkins)

    And also, they aren't super suitable for displaying like the original Num Noms.  I'm not sure how people would display them at all to be honest.  And collectibles should be displayed if possible, yes?

    For the Cereal, once the bath bomb has been used, that's it forever.  If you want to get any…

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  • Chrismh

    Num-Nom Confusion/Mix-Ups

    December 1, 2017 by Chrismh

    I was thinking about how confusing the series 1 and 2 Noms were while sorting my collection area, so I thought this could be a fun topic. Have you ever got confused or mixed-up Num-Noms before because of their similiar looks or anything else?

    Basically my issue was keeping the Series 1 and 2 Noms straightened out, as I mentioned already. Most of series 2 have that macaron shape; but some of them have the series 1 shaping and it just left me all out of sorts...

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  • Vanminty


    November 13, 2017 by Vanminty

    Today was a wonderful day I joined a cute little group on Num Nom wiki and have all you to support me! So I've been playing with my 14 num noms (not a lot I know) and I made a cool game so here is the tale.

    Here is the story:

    "Ugh I hate beeing in this stupid house!" said grape freezie.

    The num noms are locked in a tiny house with one boy Choco Sprinkles. They are trapped by Frenchie curls a mean owner.

    "we all do but she won't let us outside without her supervising"Choco Sprinkles said and at that time Grape freezie came up with a great plan to run away to Europe where Mama Sprinkles lives. That night Grape freezie and her friends escaped the horrible house and was of on there great advunture. They made there way to a dock with a bunch of boa…

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  • Crazyeyesinlove

    Hi, everyone. I just thought up this idea about 8 months ago. It's about that MGA could make a new Num Noms virtual pet simulator app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Here are some highlights for this app:

    MGA will soon make a Num Noms virtual pet iOS game that will allow you to collect and care for over 500 Num Noms (both Nums and Noms) and build your own NumNomopolis! I think the game will be called "My Num Noms". This is the first time the Yummies, the Num Noms' new human friends, are introduced, and they will help you with the tutorial. This game is where Pakka Pets Village meets Furby Connect World.

    Before You Start:

    One of the Yummies asks for your name, birthday, and favorite scent, then gives you a mystery container with a rando…

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  • Chrismh

    Well, someone's pretty much taken away my work and did it themselves. On one hand I'm kind of upset because describing their appearances is my favorite thing to do, but on the other hand I've been really busy with other work so it did help me.

    Anyway, I thought it would be kind of fun to do a review on a set. I always have opinions but nobody to talk to them about. So I hope you guys again, if you have any questions, comments, or would like to see more Num-Nom reviews feel free to respond below!

    So this is the Cookies & Milk set, which I got for my birthday, yesterday/the 15th. I also got 2 Surprise-In-A-Jar, and the Mystery Sweet Treat set.

    Before I get into the contents I'd like to take a moment to review the semi-new packaging! As you guys no…

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  • LuciditysHost

    (See the pictures to understand) 

    Oh my goodness, you guys?  Here I thought it would be months before we get any news for Series 5 of all things! 

    First of all, I didn't find these myself.  Someone I follow on Instagram did.  She seems pretty reliable, but we'll have to see, alright?  Take this with a grain of salt.  Even if this info is from a reliable source, things could still change. Now then. 

    Oh my gosh!!!

    So, let's take a little look, shall we?  Most of these are Starter Packs.  From this, we can sorta deduce a few tidbits that might come out of Series 5, such as new categories or returning categories.

    • Croissants
      • In my opinion, these seems like something that would be apart of another category.  Y'know, like International Treats or whatever…
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  • Chrismh

    Num Nom Randomizer!

    September 27, 2017 by Chrismh

    Hello everyone, this is a fun little game I've been meaning to make a blog for but... simply never did until this moment. Anyway, it's simple:

    Under the EXPLORE button is a RANDOM Page button. Hit it and get your Num-Nom!

    However, the catch is that you have to take the very first one you get. You can't keep hitting it until you get the one you like. You also need a Num and Nom so keep hitting until you get one of each. So then look at the combination and tell us what you think~

    Here is the one I got:

    Num - Cake Bear!

    Nom - Mintee Light-Up

    Mmmmm~ that sounds like a delicious combinaton. I love mint-flavored sweets.

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