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Examples of Deluxe Packs from Series 2


Deluxe Packs are large sets of Num Noms that make a "complete dish". In each pack are 6 Nums (one being a Mystery Num) and 2 Nom that can be stacked and assembled in any way, or combined with other sets. Along with each set is a dish to set the Num Noms in, along with an utensil and list. 

After Series 2, Deluxe Packs were changed to Lunch Box packs instead, which contain 12 Num Noms rather than 8. 

Series 1


A Deluxe Pack from Series 1


Series 2

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A Deluxe Pack from Series 2


  • Diner (Diner) - Spatula and food tray included
  • Freezie Pop (Freezie Pop) - Spoon and translucent tray included
  • Jelly Bean (Jelly Bean) - Scoop and candy jar included
  • Brunch Bunch (Brunch) - Spatula and skillet included


Series 1

Series 2

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