Ina Ree
Ina Ree
Scent Tofu
Character # 2-019
Series 2
BFF Wasabi Go-Go
Physical and Vital Information
Species Dog
Gender Female
Food Inari Sushi
Variety Sushi

Ina Ree is a Num from Series 2. She is found in Mystery Packs.


She has been known to lose her tempura.


Collector's Guide

Flavorsome Fact: Ina Ree sure has a fiery personality. If someone fries this Num's nerves, she's bound to lose her tempura with them, that's when you'd better hope you're not in the firing line!

Cute Quote: "You may think I'm your soy-mate, but I'm not the marine type."


A ball of rice with a winking eye. Around the top of her head is a tan piece of fried tofu that covers her dog ears, adorned with a single black bow.


  • Ina Ree's name comes from "Inari", sushi made from fried tofu.
  • In turn, the name of Inari sushi comes from a Japanese god.
  • There is an art variant that has her smiling.
  • In the unreleased Sushi Box starter pack, she has a pig snout instead of a nose.
  • She is the only Num that smells like tofu.