The Snackables are pieces of cereal that resemble Num Noms. This page identifies and lists everyone available since Snackables have been released. View their individual pages for more information. There are also Snackables Dippers and Snow Cone Toppings.

Series 1

Cereal Marshmallows

C.C. Sugar Mallow Kitty Cherry Heart P. Lemon Heart Mallow Heart Sweetie Star
Sheila Star Winky Berry C.C. Rainbow Mango-a-Rainbow Blue-Beary Rainbow Birthday Bunny
Starry C.C. Mallow Starry Sandy Kitty S'Mores Glazed Cone B. Berry Clover Bubble Clover
Nana Flower Mallow Mini Cake B-Day Sprinkles Cupcake Mallow S. Berry Cake Lucky Mallow
Churro Sparkle B. Berry Swirls C.C. Spirals Orange Pop Berry Sun Tropical Sun
B-Raz Cloud Puffy Mallow Razzy Diamond Queen C.C.

Cereal Wheat Crisps

S. Berry Wheat Choco Wheat B.B. Shreds Razzy Bunny Coco Bear
Nerdy Berry Ginger-Bear Razzy Shreds Corny Shreds Nilla Wheat
B.B. Wheat Frosty Choco Candy Shreds Blue C.C. Shreds Snoozy Shreds
Sugar Shreds Caramel Shreds Nilla Drip Lacy Lemon Sophia Berry
Sam S'mores


Mandy O'Mango B.B.O. Choc-O Twins Berry Twins
Mr & Mrs. O'Mango Berry O'Twins O'Bubble Twins Sweet Corn
C.C. Star Blueberry Star Nilla Heart Sparkle Cake Heart
O'Grapple Beary Choco S'Mores O'bear Candy O'Cotton
Cherry Clover Nilla Clover Bear-Nana B. Razz-O
Razzy O'Bear Berry-O Cat Cara-O-Mel Amber Apple
Straw-Bunny Corny Bunny


Flakey Frida Frosted Flakey Cara-Sparkles Toasty Charles Cornflake Nilla & Sugar Toasty
CoCo Toasty Twins B. Berry Flakey Flakey Frances Choco Heart Straw-Beary Flakey
Breaky Heart R.B. Flakey Nana Flake B.B. Surprise Tart Tara
Golden Raisin


Razzy Rounds Blueberry Carrie Tart Rounds The Big Corn The Big Berry
Chocolate Twins B-Day Twins Blue & Berry Rounds Soggy Waffles Frosty S. Berry
Clara CoCo Berry Triplets Mango Triplets Candy Cat Mango Mandy
Cherry Rounds O.J. Bun Bun B. Razzy Rounds Bunny Tart Sweetie Specs
Smart Berry Angie Apple Straw-Beary Chris Corny


Toasty Tom Natalie Nilla B-Raz Square Rosie Checkers
Cornie Checkers Heart-Berry Checkers Cat Crunch Nilla Checkers
Campfire Crunch Crunchy Corn Caramel Square Blueberry Square
Fudgy Square Pinky Square Nilla Square Sprinkle Square
Tase T. Square Cotton & Candy Squares Wiley & Berry Squares