Phili Roll
Phili roll
Scent Ginger
Character # 2-021
Series 2
BFF Peppy Roni
Physical and Vital Information
Species Cat
Gender Female
Food Philadelphia Roll
Variety Sushi

Phili Roll is a Num from Series 2. She is found in Mystery Packs.


She's always been a great roll model.


Collector's Guide

Flavorsome Fact: Phili has always been a great roll model to her Sushi friends. Others like to follow her lead because she's bento-n success, but she doesn't act like she's the big cheese.

Cute Quote: "Miso happy when I'm just spending time with my girls."


Phili Roll is made of brown rice inside of black seaweed. She has a basic expression with a green heart (most-likely cucumber or avocado) at her forehead, along with two brown cat ears.


  • Her BFF on her page was mistakenly called "Pepper Roni".


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