Pinky Puffs
Pinky puffs
Scent Cotton Candy
Character # 2-039
Series 2
BFF Confetti Jelly
Physical and Vital Information
Species Bear
Gender Female
Food Pink Cotton Candy
Variety Fair Food

Pinky Puffs is a Num from Series 2. She is found in the Fun Fair Treats Starter Pack.


She loves to go for a whirl on any ride that spins.


Collector's Guide

Flavorsome Fact: Adorable Pinky Puffs loves to go for a whirl on any fairground ride that spins her around and around. You'll always find her having a wheely good time.

Cute Quote: "Watch out... I can feel myself spiralling outta control!"


Pinky Puffs is a pink Cotton Candy bear Num with a cutie expression. The cotton candy makes her ears. She has a grey and white stick on her head adorned with a blue bow.


  • Surprise in a Jar
  • Fashion Tag
  • Free Sticker Sheet (with Inner Wear)
  • Charm Bracelet