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Starter Packs are small sets of Num Noms that make a "complete dish". In each pack are 3 Nums and 1 motorized Nom that can be stacked and assembled in any shape, or combined with other sets. Along with each set is a dish to set the Num Noms in, along with an utensil. 

Series 1


A spoon and round dish is in each set.

  • Sour Citrus
  • Triple Berry
  • (Special Edition) Confetti Surprise

Ice Cream

A spoon and ice cream cone is included.

  • Neopolitan
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Banana Split

Series 2

Series 2 includes individual Starter Packs for each of the types, rather than a few varieties. These include:

  • Freezie Pop: A spoon and a clear cup is included.
  • Pizza: A pizza cutter and a box
  • Brunch: Spatula and skillet are included
  • Jelly Bean - Comes with blue scoop and a candy bowl.
  • Diner - Spatula and a food tray
  • Ice Cream - Blue spoon and a bowl.
  • Fair - A fork and a food tray

Series 3

Based on Series 2, each type has a single starter pack available. Also introduced are eraser Noms.

The sets include: 

  • Fresh Fruits: a mint fruit container and pink fork.
  • Hard Candies: A clear candy bowl and pink scoop.
  • Marshmallow: Pink wrapper with gold frosting, a pale blue spoon.
  • Glazed Donuts: Silver pastry tongs and a pink mug. 

Series 4

Screenshot 20170727-074028

Reminiscent of a food storage container, there is a variety of types. Each box contains a glitter gloss Nom and utensils.


A limited time Toys R Us only pack that is part of a collab with the frozen yogurt brand Menchies. Comes with three exclusive Nums, 1 exclusive Nom, and a cup and spoon styled after Menchies.

Num-Nom fans can also obtain special Num-Nom themed cups at certain Menchies locations.

Cookies & Milk

Comes with a pink cookie jar and silver clamps.

Frozen Yogurt

Comes with a dark pink tray and a blue spoon.

Tea Party

Comes with a light blue plate or tray and a pink and silver serving utensil.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Comes with a white square-shaped bowl or plate, and a pink spoon.



Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

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